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Midnight Series

Paranormal Romance

Till the Sun Dies

(Midnight Series #1)

Till the Sun Dies eBook Cover.jpg


Adalyn is running - from the altar, from her family, and from a life drowning the last of her soul. She boards a one-way flight to the city of her dreams - Paris, France. If she can find herself anywhere, it must be there. While Adalyn struggles to come up for air, she falls headfirst into a love affair with Holland until there’s only one decision to make - stay in Paris with the charming vampire or return home to the life she ran from.

When the Night Breaks

(Midnight Series #2)

When the Night Breaks eBook Cover.jpg


Willa has lost everything. Her family. Her home. Her love. Even her life. But, if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s picking herself up and starting again. On a rainy night in November, Willa finds herself back on the streets of Paris where she died, determined to find a reason to smile again.

A Heart Bleeding Gold

(Midnight Series #3)

A Heart Bleeding Gold eBook Cover.jpg


Sophie Hawthorne considers herself an expert at goodbyes. In her two hundred years of life, she has lost nearly every person she’s ever loved. For the first time, Sophie’s centuries of experience with heartache could do some good, if only Eliza would let her in. But if Eliza never faces her pain, her harsh words and cruel actions could drive Sophie away… and they both could lose the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

Sky Full of Stars

(Midnight Series #4)

A Sky Full of Stars eBook Cover.jpg


Determined to spend the rest of eternity by her sister’s side, Indy seeks out Simon - a charming vampire she met at a cafe. Simon agrees to make Indy a vampire on one condition: she must live her life to the fullest for three days. If she succeeds, he will make her a vampire. If she fails, she will return home and never see her sister again.


Heir of Ashes Duology

Paranormal Romance

Heir of Ashes

(Heir of Ashes #1)



Phoenix Ashburn is a Runner who has dedicated her life to hunting and killing vampires. She’s determined to be the best, and for a Runner, that means taking risks to achieve glory. When Phoenix unintentionally kills a vampire of status, the Heir to the renowned vampire Coven, she finds herself marked for death by the most powerful vampire in the world, Coven Master Dorian Sterling.

Master of Flames

(Heir of Ashes #2)



Phoenix Ashburn has become her own worst nightmare - the Heir to the vampire Coven. When the Coven is threatened by the Runner Institution, Phoenix is caught between her new loyalty to Coven Master Dorian Sterling and her longing for the life she could have lived.  Phoenix will have to decide what means more to her… Dorian… or absolute power.


(Heir of Ashes #0.5)

Coven png.png

Before Dorian Sterling was the Master of the Coven, he was a brother who would do anything for his sister…  he was a man in the wrong place at the wrong time… he was human. In the stunning prequel to Heir of Ashes, hear the story of how Dorian became the most powerful vampire in history and learn what he would do for those he loves most in the world.


(Heir of Ashes #2.5)

Hm Darling_20231014_081838_0000.jpg

For eight centuries, Emilia Sterling has lived in agony - in love with the woman who took everything from her. Eight hundred years is long enough, and Emilia is finally ready to take her revenge… and kill Stella Khatri. Emilia has waited eight hundred years for revenge… Can she free herself from her pain?



Sweet Bitter Love


They say love is tender. They say love is true. But what we know is that love can be sweet, and sometimes bitter too.

Sweet Bitter Love is a heartfelt, heartwarming, and heartbreaking anthology composed by twenty authors from across the globe. From journal entries to stories and letters, Sweet Bitter Love explores the intricacies and complexities of connections, relationships, and, most of all, love, from all angles.

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