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Novella Editing

How It Works

If you're an indie author looking for line editing or proofreading for your short novel or novella, you've come to the right place.


I offer special, flat-rate pricing for novellas and short works less than 25,000 words. Whether you need proofreading or line editing, I'm here for you. Let's get started! 


You'll send me your draft, and I will conduct a thorough round of line editing (which focuses on syntax, sentence structure, overall grammar, etc) or proofreading (which focuses on typos, final errors, inconsistencies, etc). This will take approximately 3-5 days. 

I will then send the draft back to you with tracked changes. From there, it's up to you whether you'd like to accept or deny any changes I made.


For proofreading, I offer a flat-rate novella pricing of $100 for up to 25,000 words.


For line editing, flat-rate pricing is $200.

For books longer than 25,000 words, please see my regular line editing and proofreading packages. For works shorter than 10,000 words, special pricing is available, simply reach out and we'll discuss further.

For books longer than 25,000 words, see standard pricing on pages.

I require 1,000-word editing samples for all prospective clients to best determine if we are a good fit to work together. Sample edits are FREE and  turnaround time is 2-4 days.


How long does it take?

This is determined by the length of your novel, but generally, I will have your project back to you within 3-5 days of our start date. If you need it faster, I will charge a rush fee (which will vary based on project length, time, and is up to my discretion).


What genres do you accept?

I'm most comfortable with editing books in the following genres:

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (all spice levels)

Paranormal/Fantasy (no romance)

Contemporary Romance (all spice levels)

Don't write in those genres? Don't worry! I'm more than happy to take a look at your novel no matter what the genre is, though I will ask that you disclose any potentially disturbing or triggering content that may be in your book. I reserve the right to decline the project if I feel it isn't right for me.


What if I don't like an edit you made?


That's okay too! All my edits will be made via tracked changes, so you can accept or deny them based on your preference.


Can I book in advance?

I accept bookings in advance depending on availability. However, since I charge by word count, it is best that you book with me when your book is very close to done.

Ready for editing? Let's Get Started!

Thanks for submitting!

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